Body Composition Scan (4,000 StarRewards points)
Healthy Eating Clinic

Body Composition Scan (4,000 StarRewards points)

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Body Composition Scan at Healthy Eating Clinic
4,000 StarReward points

Get a precise measure of your muscle and fat mass with a Body Composition Scan from Healthy Eating Clinic. Receive a full print out of your results and track your progress over time. Their body scan analysts are fully trained to explain your results.

You’ll be provided with a detailed, full-page report with your measurements of:

  • Total skeletal muscle mass
  • Total body fat in kilograms
  • Total body fat percentage
  • Visceral fat
  • Total body water
  • Segmental muscle and fat analysis
  • Bone mineral content
  • Basal metabolic rate

The Healthy Eating Clinic is a team of experienced and specialist dietitians ready to help you maximise your health and wellbeing through good nutrition. They are located at Stellar Canberra on the corner of Yamba Drive and Launceston Street, Phillip. 

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